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Commission work

Commissions can be challenging and not all artists take them on. I'll usually take a look and if it's not for me i'll let you know. I get asked for all kinds of things and it very much depends on wether i think i can get something from it and bring something to the piece. Recently i was asked to paint the view from the grave of the parents of an old customers in Cuckfield cemetery, a curious little request but i think i made something of it with the Downs in the background and a tree in autumn colour taking centre stage. I'm doing a piece of the pier at the moment and will post that when it's finished. Also just finished a very favourite scene, somewhere i have painted many times and it always fills me with joy. It is a favourite walk of my freind Jane, the South Downs Way near my home in Plumpton it always a treat and the piece, for Janes 60th is of the crossroads at Streat Farm on the Downs Way and hopefully give her as much pleasure as it gives me xx.


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