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About Grant Dejonge - Impressionist landscape artist

I am so fortunate to live in the heart of the South Downs national park and from my studio next to Plumpton collage I can see the fields, hills and woodlands, they crowd into my studio like old friends.

painting for me has always had a diaristic nature. I reflect and record the world around me. when myself and my wife were having children my paintings concerned the joy and panic of child rearing. when I lived in London, I painted the frenetic nature of city life. Im not an abstract painter but also my images are not realistic documentation, rather they seek to explore the feelings of things, views and emotions.

starting a painting I leave the drawing to chance and never map a piece out, rather I let the idea take charge and follow my instinct. colour is also so important to me, seeing the world in a kaleidoscope of colour formed into shapes and surfaces the represent a view rather than recreate it. it is more important that a painting feels like the place or scene rather than look it.

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